<<Download In Progress>> [[30%]] Shifu: You seem troubled. Your eyes are closed. Shifu: Only fools need eyes to see. Sit.  Yes. Shifu. Shifu: Speak. I can’t let go. How does one defeat Ego? How does one attain? Shifu: All legitimate questions for a student. However, do not seek to be a student. The word student derived from the latin […]

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<< Download In Progress>> [[23.69%]] Politics aside there are many things we need to consider when considering the world we live in. >> What is that?  I didn’t know humans had the capacity of correct categorization. So I will seek to find flaws in the statement that is about follow. Well now I don’t want […]

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<<Download In Progress>> [[10.33%]] CCB Radio Breaking News: The United States, after its 7th congressional meeting this month, has made the decision to declare war on China. China, after multiple attempts to hack the United States Defense Department after the public assassination of a supposed American spy, has publicly and directly questioned the allegiance of […]

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