<<Download In Progress>> [[30%]] Shifu: You seem troubled. Your eyes are closed. Shifu: Only fools need eyes to see. Sit.  Yes. Shifu. Shifu: Speak. I can’t let go. How does one defeat Ego? How does one attain? Shifu: All legitimate questions for a student. However, do not seek to be a student. The word student derived from the latin […]

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<<Download In Progress>> [[26.78%]] I remember something. Her anguish.  >> I see it. Val: I don’t think it matters.  What doesn’t  ? Val: All of this. Our existence. While they scour the universe we stay here and fix their problems. Mars, Galactica, Verrus, Sirus and the list continues. Colony after colony. We signed up for this. Besides, we […]

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<< Download In Progress>> [[23.69%]] Politics aside there are many things we need to consider when considering the world we live in. >> What is that?  I didn’t know humans had the capacity of correct categorization. So I will seek to find flaws in the statement that is about follow. Well now I don’t want […]

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Salvaged Boy

I just think Earth deserves more than religion and science. More than the Pope and the Science Community. You would think that established religion would’ve dissipated after the great war. Science..well science armed the Russians. >> I’ve been searching the ansible*. Pieces of you are everywhere, scattered. I don’t think I can put you together completely. […]

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The Big Bang

  ƒ=G(M1)(M2)/(R)² >>  Einstein didn’t hate Newton, his theory was just flawed. His equation’s could predict with great precision the location of most of the planets in your solar system. Except Mercury. Yea >> Why so aloof? Is this not what you like to talk about… I don’t think I’ve enjoyed those topics for a while. They […]

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