Functions (Definitions)

Ansible– a network created by the Nations of Earth in attempt to bring peace.

Circum– a theatre  located in planet Verrus-a planet colonized by humans 20 million light years away.

Congress– the government and entity created by the nations of Earth. Congress is not similar in function to the United States congress as known by the history books of Earth.

Delirium– A lab facility located in France. The lab was focused on garnering lucrative resources for the elite. Delirium was once an environmental lab dedicated to combatting anthropogenic hazards. 

Oscirus– a deadly contagious disease discovered after the success of defeating cancer in its beginning stages. Often referred as level two cancer.

RCR’s (Radioactive Cellular Repairators)– nanobots designed to aid the human immune system and aid in non-mutational cellular mitosis.