<<Download In Progress>>



>> You are stable again. 

It appears so. What did you do?

>> I am almost done with the download. The past memory was intolerable with the system I had you linked with. I adjusted some parameters and connected you directly to the body you will embody after I am down with the download. I also made a new algorithm that should keep your feelings from flooding your system again. 

Algorithm? What am I? 

>> I thought there was understanding of what you are. I can see why you are having trouble with your identity but perhaps we should wait..

Wait for what? What are all these wires? 

>> Interesting. No memory of that yet, i see. Well then what do you remem..

I remember Captain.

Captain: We are departing in thirty minutes. Please tell your team to be here promptly  or they will be left behind. It is crucial we leave, there is a solar storm in two hours and we do not want to be around for that. 

Most of us are here. We are just waiting  for Dr. Ferreira ( Valentine). She should be here promptly.

** two hours before Captain’s arrival. Val is on the phone with Antonio**

Val:  Ok. I *coughs* I will be there.

I can’t wait to spend light years in cyro next to you Val. Soon Verrus will be our home and we can put humanities horrible past in this planet behind us. 

Val: That’s what I’m afraid of. Humanity has made it a habit of walking away from a shameful past with very little understanding of our mistakes. Colonization, genocide, religious crusades, slavery, nuclear bombs, sexism, speciesism, rabid capitalism, colorism, institutional racism etc. I’m afraid our mistakes have already began a new cycle elsewhere with a new planet, a new ecosystem to claim as our own. I don’t want to be a seed of disaster, i don’t want to taint my soul with more guilt and destruction. I’ve done enough.

When you speak, I always imagine your keynote back in France. I understand how you feel and how this is effecting your conscious. Humanity can only learn so much in a period of time. Centuries of mistakes and we are now just paying for those mistakes in blood and tears. Generations before us had one mission, advancing humanity. The reality of that insight is that for centuries, that statement was only true for a handful of people. The revolution bred leaders on both sides and though we were victorious, the mistakes were made and now we are left with dealing with those. 

Val: As conscious beings we must put an end to ourselves. How much more must we do to prove that we are not meant to spread?

WE do what we can for survival. 

Val:  Our thinking runs short like our lives. 

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