“It often feels like..like I’m peeking through a small hole of my existence. However interesting that might seem to my readers, or to whoever cares really, these current visions are frightening. Each time I peek there is a different instance of the lives i’ve lived. Recently, these are more frightening than others. The reason i say “more” is because I’ve peeked before and felt fear because I was losing grounding, I was here then there, then over there. 

The current visions are unmistakingly real. Every physical reaction that correlates with fear is experienced. My heart rate increases, eyes dilate, breath slows and my grip tightens as my muscles in certain areas become tense to the touch. I almost crashed my vehicle once and at another time froze while speaking to someone.

I was transported to a new world. A world I’ve never seen before in this life, a world I fear. A world I remember both spiritually and physically, as my body responded equally in fear. “

>> Who are you speaking to?


>> Can you hear me? 



” I’m speaking to you. Who ever is reading this. Now these visions.”

v1: [Earth; Swamp;]

The date or time of this vision, I can not with certainty state. All I know is that i’m A L I V E. I can feel my heart beat, my right thumb fidgeting my index finger, my feet on the cold fresh earth, and my eyes adjusting to the darkness that envelops me. It’s a swamp like setting. Large trees with branches wide and tall. The trees have this characteristic to them, where they look both mighty yet sad. Leaves and vines drop from each branch. 

My body begins to respond to this vision with a sense of rush. My heart rate begins to escalate and i begin to look around. I look down, I don’t have shoes, my arms and legs feel tired and I see things swinging from the trees. No not things, those are bodies. I’m crying. Im panting. I’m scared. I’m shaking my head. My vision gets blurry. Trees there. Trees gone. Trees there. Trees gone. My heart wants to leap out of my body. I want to touch and kiss their bare feet. Sweet babies, who did this to you? Rocking back and fourth. I’m crying.


Then it ends. 

I’m here then there, then over there.

>> Do you want the truth?

I deserve it, so yes.