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Shifu: You seem troubled.

Your eyes are closed.

Shifu: Only fools need eyes to see. Sit. 

Yes. Shifu.

Shifu: Speak.

I can’t let go. How does one defeat Ego? How does one attain?

ShifuAll legitimate questions for a student. However, do not seek to be a student. The word student derived from the latin word studere which means ” Apply oneself to”,do you see the problem? When you close your eyes you seek to “attain”, there is nothing to attain my boy.   You are not applying yourself. You are not doing anything. Just sit.

She also comes up.

ShifuThen you must realize that anything mental is just illusions. Temptations. 

>> Why did you interrupt that memory? I found it, interesting. Considering you no longer close your eyes. It’s odd to think about how at a time you used to be able to close your eyes.

I was waiting for her at the space station. We had done our duty and I planned out that day for years. I even brought flowers. We were supposed to leave and. . .

Val:  *coughs then continues * …wretched Earth, wretched seas. This wretched skin that feels the tears, this wretched mind that doesn’t shut. We made it far and Earth is doomed because of us.

That sounds furiously beautiful. I think you should perform it at the Circum* when we arrive. This might be terrible for me to say but humanity’s destructive actions remind me of a key concept in economics coined by an Austrian economists. The concept is called ” Opportunity Costs” and now that I think about it, this one principle can describe all of it, the whole of humanity.

Val: Then there we have *coughs*  have it. The whole of humanity. Opportunity costs, the Austrian was describing humanity without even knowing it! How fascinating. Well, at least the humanity we are experiencing here.


Val: Oh come on, do not act like this. This universe is just one of many. This dimension is just one of many. I am, one of many.

Right. Yes yes. Sorry I just thought you were referring to just here on Earth and by the way I love this Val. That reminds me, we leave next week. Have you packed?

Val: Absolutely. Although there isn’t much to pack, Congress* has asked us to pack light and to leave the rest behind.

I have to leave to Delirium* tonight and I will meet you at the space station next week. Don’t be late, it is the last shuttle. 

Val: Ok. I *coughs* I will be th ee rrreee.   .. . 

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>> I have to terminate. You are beco ming.   uns.   sssta.   aa.  aableeeeeeeeeee [{><23001395ÿ]]]]\||||

>>Program Terminated<<

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