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I remember something. Her anguish. 

>> I see it.

Val: I don’t think it matters. 

What doesn’t  ?

Val: All of this. Our existence. While they scour the universe we stay here and fix their problems. Mars, Galactica, Verrus, Sirus and the list continues. Colony after colony.

We signed up for this. Besides, we leave in 5 years. We do our job and then we all get to join the rest of humanity in the great exploration. 

Val:But it still doesn’t matter. This blue planet was once thriving and flourishing. Why should we stand here and let them destroy others alike? We are cancer. We do not matter and should not matter.

We just have to keep her alive long enough. We are still extracting resources Val. Please don’t let the guilt get to you. 

Val: The guilt? You sound like a monster. Resources? We destroyed this planet. Why are you so robotic. What is happening to you? I didn’t sign-up for this, we didn’t sign-up for this! They lied, they told us we were going to fix planet Earth, that our “science” minds were needed, that we would rid Earth of radioactivity and and and now look at us..we walk to work in hazy streets, the radioactivity has got so high that..

*Val begins to sob and cough*

Val, have you been taking your RCR’s*?

Val: Im speaking don’t interrupt me ..that that today, Did you know I tested the pH levels of the water here on Earth? Did you


Val: You know what else I did? huh? I took samples to the lab and..

You don’t think I’m hurt? You don’t think I know

I’m          a           Monster?

*RCR’s (Radioactive Cellular Repairators)- Nanobots designed to aid the human immune system and aid in non-mutational cellular mitosis.