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Politics aside there are many things we need to consider when considering the world we live in.

>> What is that?  I didn’t know humans had the capacity of correct categorization. So I will seek to find flaws in the statement that is about follow.

Well now I don’t want to say what it was. You are too critical for basic conversation.

>> You are too sensitive.


I didn’t know I had emotions until a few seconds ago.

>> A new discovery everyday indeed. The download is taking time. Funny, the ansible was advertised to be near the speed of light. However, you were spread across different  universes and galaxies so it makes sense that it is taking this long.

Is she still alive? 



>> I don’t know. I have the same info as you do as I download.

Why don’t you look her up?


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  1. i appreciate this page. i appreciate you. i look forward to seeing the growth of both the creator & this blog!🙏🏾🌀


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